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Field Guide: Fuel Desire

Fire up your commitment to write a new story for your health, your fitness and your life. This issue of 24Life dives into a deeper evaluation of your aspirations, a look at your excuses and a closer examination of what you truly want and why you have certain goals. The more intimately acquainted you are with the depth of your desire for change, the more liberated you become from the past behaviors and habits that have held you back.

Stoke your motivation with the mindsets, rituals and workouts inside this edition.

“Have the courage of your desire.”— George Gissing


Excuse Busters

Banish excuses with five ways to stoke the fire in your belly.

Motivation Mastery

Embark on a journey from obligation to mastery.

Alex Carneiro Raises a Goal

Celebrity fitness coach shares his tips to tap your desire for results.


Double the Fun Partner Workout

Level up your Motivation and your Intensity with Partner Workout.

Tabata Kickstart

Tabata workouts not only incinerate fat but also build endurance and even agility.

Body Gone bbarreless

This barre fusion workout sculpts, shapes and lifts both body and spirit.

Build a Better Workout

These essential workout elements can change your body.


Fuel Your Goals

Breakfasts, bites and bedtime treats can add to your fitness and not your waistline.

Crack the Diet Code

Choose a healthy eating plan for life.

Feed Your Desire to Eat Well

You’re only human.


Get Back Into Your Body

Three self-care moves help anchor your ambitions to your body.

Find Your Fitness Partner

The payoffs go way beyond the scale.

The Best Rest

Recovery means more than a day off from the gym.