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Create Space

A powerful story – your story – determines your life. To make change, you must make space and be willing to try something new. Start with a blank page, tell a new story – with the ending you want – and bring your future into the present. With the January 2017 issue of 24Life, we create space and set up what’s to come for the rest of this year.

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”— C. G. Jung

Game Changers

Seeing More Dimensions – In Color, and Life

Alexa Meade redefined her course and makes us see double in her art.

Going Out of Busyness

Why we can’t seem to take the time to make the time for change.

Rewrite Your Story in 2017

Tips from experts make this the year you want.


Six Snowy Destinations for the Outdoor Adventurer

From challenging slopes to tranquil snowscapes, visit some of the best places in America to stay active this winter.

Seven Workout Trends You’ll See in 2017

From mindfulness to climate-extreme environments to virtual fitness, these programs and practices are the wave of the future.


Sculpting a Strong, Successful and Sensational Year!

You can do it – one thought at a time.

Start Here, for Lasting Change

It all begins with a balanced nervous system.

Good Behavior

To break through, make a break for a different kind of goal.

Train Your Mind, Transform Your Game

Get to work with a new kind of coach and watch the results begin to take shape.


Why Stem Cells Are the Future of Medicine

Susan Solomon has found a way to unlock stem cells’ potential to treat disease.

Bring 2017 on Strong

Jump-start your routine — or progress — with Alex Carneiro’s strength workout.

Short-Circuit Fat Burn

This high-energy cardio circuit gets you off the treadmill.

Movement Basics for a Healthier 2017

Make mobility part of your resolve to be injury-free.


Make a Smooth Transition

From overindulgent holiday meals to something healthier in 24 minutes – or less!

From Vegetarians to Meat Evangelists

How one couple’s Paleo conversion has shaken up the sports nutrition business.

Feed Your Soul

Focus on becoming more of you, instead of less, and break the cycle of dieting that has nothing to do with food.

Here’s What Happens When You Eat in Silence

Discover the four ways your body experiences food without ambient noise.

Paleo Power

Q&A with best-selling Paleo cookbook author Danielle Walker.

Fitness in the Kitchen With Jorge Cruise

These are the real answers you need to kick off the New Year.


Put Your Best Foot Forward

Follow these 8 tips to help you begin a walking club.

Reset Your Body for a Fresh Start

Three self-care moves will leave you energized and ready for a new beginning.

Find Your Sweet Spot

Take three steps to do what you love in work and life.


The Skin You’re In

Jacqueline Schaffer, MD shares her secrets to getting gorgeous, happy and healthy skin.

Count on Gadgets for the Bigger Picture

Use those shiny new devices and apps to look beyond steps and calories to overall health.

Gear Up

The new year is the perfect time to kick-start your goals by building a fitness wardrobe.