Health is Wealth

The magic of new ideas is that these ideas change how the world occurs to us. When we’re equipped with moving stories of people leaping over adversity to master a skill or achieving a challenging fitness goal, we work just a little bit harder on the last set.

“So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health.”— A.J. Reb Materi

Game Changers

A Healthy Mind, A Rich Life

Mega-success, fitness personality and business coach Chalene Johnson teaches people to find health, wealth and peace of mind.

This Strong Mom Will Inspire You

Don’t cry for Sara Marquez – just watch and be inspired.

Flow to Healthy Holidays

Adjust your seasonal traditions to add a little more flow.


DIY DNA Innovation

Years after the completion of the Human Genome Project, innovative applications of DNA insights are poised to transform human health — and much more....

Placebos Treat Back Pain

Many of us have heard of the “placebo effect,” in which someone who thinks he or she is getting medication is given something that’s...

Health Care Beyond the Symptoms

Dr. Leroy Hood, a contributor to the Human Genome Project and an expert in biological and computational sciences, is calling for a new approach...

Managing Your Mental Health

Living in a city has many benefits, but urbanization is also associated with increased levels of mental illness. While the reason behind this link...

What’s Eating Your Teeth?

There are plenty of alternatives to soda — such as juices, flavored waters, teas and energy drinks — but swapping soda for another “healthier”...

The Secrets to Health

Physical routines are only the start.


Love People. Use Things. Meet The Minimalists.

Joshua Fields Millburn invites you to question what adds value to your life.

How to Live Mindfully in the Digital Age

Wisdom 2.0 founder Soren Gordhamer shows how to do it.

Decisions by Design

When you know your core values, you don’t need motivation.

The Difference Between Health vs. Fitness

Make the other 23 hours in your day count.

Celebrate The Joy of Possessions

Celebrated organizing expert Marie Kondo doesn’t think you should get rid of everything.

Be Your Own Superhero

Tips to vanquish three supervillains.


Catch the Holiday Express

A 24-minute total-body workout you can do wherever the season takes you.

24 Easy Investments in Better Health

What’s health got to do with retirement investments? Well, it turns out, a lot.

All the Right Tools

Exciting new equipment can take your fitness to the next level.

Hit the Turf

Tackle a turf workout for big benefits.

Make a Move on Pain

Be consistent for long-term results, say Kelly and Juliet Starrett.

How to Take Fearless First Steps

An expert Zumba instructor answers your questions.


9 Billion Served

By the year 2051, more than 9 billion people will call Earth home, and feeding that population will become a major challenge. Wired magazine...

1 Conference, 12 Experts, 24+ Trends to Watch

Slowing down aging. Reversing chronic disease. Erasing pain.

Learn About the Super Greens

Good things — like protein — come in small packages.

Please Your Palate, Nourish Your Soul

Cooking with fresh autumn produce adds an extra dash of pleasure to your everyday nourishment.

Enjoy Your Food for Better Health

Good nutrition is easier — and more pleasurable — than you might think.

Drink Up Some Holiday Cheer

Cooking with fresh autumn produce adds an extra dash of pleasure to your everyday nourishment.


Welcome to Vata Season

Ayurvedic principles balance seasonal and personal characteristics for good health.

Moved to Improve with Move Mountains

This adventure company is teaching people to be more self-aware through outdoor exploration.

Three Techniques to Clear Your Mind

Get into the right headspace for the holidays.

Unlocking the Self in Our Cells

Sondra Barrett, PhD, finds wisdom may lie in our cells.

Change Your Space, Change Your Life

Refresh your living space to restore energy and inspiration.

Wake Up Your Inner Fire with Wim Hof

The iceman teaches people all over the world to heal by tapping into colder temperatures.

Take Hold of Life with Epic Goals

“Health is what I value most” – Diana Nyad


Seven Packing Tips from a World Traveller

Jason Nemer is at home literally everywhere, so his life fits into a suitcase.

Tips from the Pros for Great Photos

Take a fantastic photo — or look fabulous in one — with these tips.

‘Tis the Season for Perfect Gifts

Find the perfect holiday gifts for everyone on your list, from the yogi to the weekend warrior to the fashionista.

Nine Last-Minute Gifts

Running out of time? Run to the gym!

Join the Rose Parade

24 Hour Fitness celebrates doing more with your 24.

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