Get lost with a meditation practice from a famed yogi, learn how to start your day with a foot massage, sweat alongside a celebrity group fitness instructor and be totally inspired by some of the world’s greatest experts in their crafts in the wellness space. We’ve got you covered.


Cardio Makeover

Love or hate cardio, you’ll feel your heart pumping when you swap your usual treadmill run for this bodyweight workout.

Love Thy Neighbor With Cassey Ho’s Apartment-Friendly Workout

Blogilates and POP Pilates creator Cassey Ho is also a champion of body positivity and loving your workout—and the results.

Train Like an Olympian

This Team USA–inspired workout will leave you feeling like a champ.

New Year’s Strength Resolution

Get a move on 2018 with this total-body circuit.

TRX Moves That Will Make You a Better Skier

Planning to hit the slopes soon? Prepare your body for this intense snow sport with a little help from the TRX Suspension Trainer. Haven’t made...

Holiday Breakthrough Workout

Stay on track with this 30-minute sweat session.

Feel-Good Flow

Gentle, precise micro movement does wonders for moving through your day.

Conscious Movement With Jill Miller

Jill Miller celebrates a body that moves well for life.

Four Videos on Why Two (or More) is Better than One

Humans are not solitary creatures. Here’s proof that the power of group is better than the power of one. Finishing the year strong may require...

How Zumba Boosts Your Creativity

How shaking it to the music can boost your creative output (rather than binge-watching Netflix). Zumba continues to be the workout everyone is talking about....

How I Did It: Ania Flatau

Meet the U-Jam instructor pushing the boundaries of fitness for wheelchair users and others with disabilities. My name is Ania Flatau and I live in...

Shaun T Is on Your Team

The creator of INSANITY trusts and believes in your transformation.

Five Maximizer Moves from Shaun T

Trust and believe these moves will transform your workout.

Cycle Core Conditioning

Do these moves to complement your time in the saddle.

Celebrate Working Together

Three moves can help your hardest-working parts work better together.

How I Did It: Angel Rodriguez

How this Air Force veteran went from 280 pounds to 195 and teaching Group X classes at 24 Hour Fitness. My name is Angel Rodriguez....

Use this Workout to Train Your Perseverance

Approach this workout regimen two different ways to train your body and build stamina. A big part of our personal health and fitness goals revolves...

A Life of Dance

How passion and perseverance led to the creation of the largest dance fitness phenomenon in the world.

Set to Endure

This superset strength routine is everything you need to get your body fit to handle anything that comes your way. 

Three Moves for the Long Haul

Prepare to endure life’s challenges with these moves.

Build a Better Brain, Build a Better Life

Meet the man who’s superhero to some of the brightest minds in business and entertainment.

Laurie Gerber: Life by Design

A life you love starts with promises and consequences—for you.

Strength School

This strength-building workout gets you back into the routine.

Energy Boost

This movement sequence combines disciplines to shift your energy.

Strategic Movement

Three self-care moves can help you get ready, get set and go—where YOU want to go.

Project Summer: Meet Ryan Hurst of Gold Medal Bodies Fitness

The fitness coach shares his go-to workout and ideal summer day all the way from Japan. This summer, we’re bringing you inspiration from some of...

Project Summer: Meet Jules Fultz, Program Director for POP Pilates

We asked the instructor and mom of four to share her go-to workout and her power food. This summer, we’re bringing you inspiration from some...

Project Summer: Meet Dan Edwardes of Parkour Generations

The parkour expert shares his go-to summer workout and why he loves parkour. This summer, we’re bringing you inspiration from some of the top celebrity...

Five Lower-Body Moves to do Instead of Squats

Firm your booty and shape your legs for summer with these five movements that aren’t squats. What do Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé all...

Pop Forward with Cassey Ho

Forbes’ “Top Influencer” makes her passion a successful reality.

Light Up Your Blind Spots

Three moves can help you develop a better body sense.

Project Summer: Meet Tracey Mallett of Bootybarre

We asked the Master Pilates Instructor and mom of two to share her go-to summer workout. This summer, we’re bringing you inspiration from some of...

Is Working Out at a Concert the Next Big Trend?

Get your groove—and sweat—on to the beat of your favorite songs, with hundreds of other fans. What happens when you invite hundreds of college students...

Project Summer: Meet Dr. Emily Splichal of BARE

We asked the barefoot science specialist for her go-to summer workout and her perfect summer day.   This summer, we’re bringing you inspiration from some of...

How to Do a Cartwheel

Spark your creativity by getting upside down. When most people think of creativity, art and music are probably what spring to mind first. But we...

Project Summer: Meet Daily Burn’s Lisa Wheeler

We asked the digital fitness superstar for her perfect summer day and go-to summer workout. This summer, we’re bringing you inspiration from some of the...

Wendy MacNaughton: We’re Born Creative

The popular illustrator finds creativity in collaboration-on city streets, around the conference table and in the kitchen.

Core By Creation

Watch out world, summer body in progress.

Your Summer Yoga Practice, on the Fly

AcroYoga’s founder and chief visionary Jason Nemer and a crew of AcroYogis shares a summer practice with 24Life.

Care for Your Creativity

Three moves break through physical and energy blocks.

Jorge Cruise: Transforming Pain Into Power

For the celebrated fitness coach, “play” means balance in life, every day.

Rise, Shine and Go

This morning routine will make your day.

Summer SANDBELL® Strength Circuit

It’s got all the strength and sweat you need for a summer body.

Summer of Self-Love

Three playful moves take care of brain and body.

Take a Chance on 3 Self-Care Moves

Do these moves to get acquainted with—and even master—the edge of your comfort zone.

Test Your Grit

Learn these moves to boost strength and function.

Lighten Up for Enlightenment

Danielle LaPorte’s “White Hot Truth” is about finding your flame without getting burned.

The Entrepreneur Who Tamed Risk

Mel Abraham has coached a generation of “thoughtpreneurs.”

Win the Day

Athletic movement helps you get agile, limber and strong.

Unique Exercises and Strategies for Healthy, Strong Feet

These 7 moves and 6 massage techniques will keep feet happy.

Recovery 2.0

Three strategic self-care moves pay off with better training and performance.

Pep Talk with Diana Nyad: Live an Epic Life

Diana Nyad, world-renowned endurance athlete and co-founder of EverWalk, tells 24Life what it means to live an epic life, as well as how any of us can do it by being engaged in every single minute of our lives.

Blazing a Trail to Age 180

Dave Asprey’s insights and life hacks reach well beyond Bulletproof coffee.

Build Endurance with a Six-Move Circuit

Strength training is a great strategy for building stamina.

The Science of Rituals and Automation: How to Set Yourself Up for Success

Top-rated health podcaster and author Shawn Stevenson shows you how to change your brain to make lifestyle changes part of who you are.

The Art of Strength

Factor these six different types of strength into your fitness strategy.

Double the Fun Partner Workout

Level up your Motivation and your Intensity with Partner Workout.

Body Gone bbarreless

This barre fusion workout sculpts, shapes and lifts both body and spirit.
Full-body strength workout with Ashley Pitt

Get Strong With This Five-Move Workout

Challenge your body with a short full-body circuit using dumbbells, a medicine ball and a jump rope.
 It’s not too late to get a fresh...

Reset Your Body for a Fresh Start

Three self-care moves will leave you energized and ready for a new beginning.

Bring 2017 on Strong

Jump-start your routine — or progress — with Alex Carneiro’s strength workout.

Short-Circuit Fat Burn

This high-energy cardio circuit gets you off the treadmill.

Movement Basics for a Healthier 2017

Make mobility part of your resolve to be injury-free.

How to Live Mindfully in the Digital Age

Wisdom 2.0 founder Soren Gordhamer shows how to do it.

Three Techniques to Clear Your Mind

Get into the right headspace for the holidays.

Hit the Turf

Tackle a turf workout for big benefits.

This Strong Mom Will Inspire You

Don’t cry for Sara Marquez – just watch and be inspired.

How Bo Eason Lives Life as an Ultra-Present Man

Bo Eason is a former NFL player, acclaimed Broadway playwright and performer and an international presence coach. He has trained with some of the...

Kick Up Your Routine with Kettlebells

Train for explosive power and dynamic flexibility.

Living Your Dream with Bo Eason

Bo Eason has realized “impossible” dreams more than once, and he’s got the formula for all of us to do so, too.

The Power of Living Gamefully

In “SuperBetter” Jane McGonigal shows how game play gives us the power to be healthy and happy.

Belly Bliss

Keep your core strong and your gut healthy with three self-care moves.

The Great Yogic Stretch

Reset your body and mind with deep, intense stretching.

Sacred Spaces with Taylor EyeWalker

Taylor EyeWalker designs a mindful life through ritual.

Focus Your Energy

Greg Wieting demonstrates a movement sequence designed to energize your yoga practice — and bring focus to your day.

A Midsummer Night’s Dance Party

Do these U-Jam co-founder’s moves, and let the groove follow.

Clean Sweep

The lymphatic system clears out a host of “distractions” to good health.

Move Into Focus

Three regenerative movements bring insights into your body.

Focus on the Flex with Alex Carneiro

Alex Carneiro’s got a straight-up workout for your chest, arms and back.

Better Sleep, By Design

Top-rated podcaster and author Shawn Stevenson shares his inspiring journey to a healthy life – through sleep.

Transform Your Brain, Transform Your Life

Transformation has long been a cherished human goal.

Get on the Ball for a Better Run

Jill Miller demonstrates three regenerative movements to help prevent injury and pain.

A Hunger That Needs More Than Food

Cynthia Pasquella helps you discover what you’re really hungry for – and fixes your relationship with food.

Blow Past Your PR With Sprints

Want to add some sprints to your workout? They have myriad benefits. Many people do them to lose fat and build muscle as sprinting...

Solar Flow Power, From Your Core

Yoga delivers more than peace, love and happiness. Light up your midsection with asanas that train and challenge your core, and more. What You Need ...

Family Affair

Sibling inspiration, not rivalry, spurs Frank Bonner onward.

No time? No problem. Try Tabata.

Burn big calories with this total-body cardio and power Tabata workout.

Diana Nyad: Find a Way

Diana Nyad about her extraordinary pursuits and thrilling memoir.

Hit-the-ground runner’s workout

Be a better runner with this strength endurance routine.

Power Up With Self-Care

Recovery is only half the story — Jill Miller demonstrates regenerative techniques that energize.

3 Ways, 30 Days

Mix and match your workouts Did you set a personal fitness goal? Good. If you want results, then strategy is your game and we’ve got...

In Case of Need: Take Class

There’s a cancer survivor in front of you, a single mom on your left, a job-seeker on your right. In the Zumba “nation,” there’s bound to be someone who’s been there – and they’ve got your back.

Practicing Greatness

For Lewis Howes, athlete, entrepreneur and creator of the popular “The School of Greatness” podcast, success is beginning – again.

Fundamentals of Foam Rolling

The experts at TriggerPoint explain how to foam-roll, to release you from your body’s chain-reaction response to stress.

Play for Change – Success Story

When Selden McCabe was diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer in 2010, he began a drug regimen with potential to extend his life. He...

Catch Your Breath

Unintentionally, many of us have adopted poor habits of posture, movement and lack of awareness over the years, resulting in faulty breathing patterns. We’ve...

Workout: Après-Ski Longevity

THE ISSUE Skiing means controlling our movement on slippery snow or ice. To accommodate this instability, our bodies tense up. Over time, tense muscles will...

Workout: The Holiday Express

The last month of the year is usually a party train coupled to an eat-fest and an end-of-fiscal-year deadline. And it’s easy to believe...

Workout: As Young As You Feel

At a certain point, the body you’re in might not quite match how you feel inside (admit it — if you’re 50ish, your mind’s...


For a long time, science believed that the adult brain was incapable of growth. When brain tissue was damaged or destroyed, that was that....

Explosive Strength For Weekend Warriors

Those sprains and non-contact injuries in your weekend softball league can hurt physically, but when they’re not the result of a slide into home-plate...

Bracing For Impact

The Flow Genome Project is a trans-disciplinary, international organization committed to researching and mapping the “genomics” of “flow,” the state in which “time slows...

Care For Your Core

Summer gives you every reason to bare your midriff and move your body in the sun. Expert Jill Miller, best-selling author of "The Roll...

Whole-Body Metabolic Conditioning

Find your awesome by saying hello to AMRAP: As Many Reps As Possible in a given time.

Lumberjack, Hipster or Strong(WO)man?

Check out this classic workout perfect for those who want to get strong.

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