Success Stories

It takes mental prowess, willpower and even a community to reach your goals. Then once you reach them, you create new ones. Enjoy this collection of stories of inspiration people who have pushed forward in spite of great obstacles.

Success Stories

Lewis Howes Unmasks Masculinity

It’s hard to believe that there’s more to Lewis Howes, renowned for his top 100 podcast “The School of Greatness.”

Getting Fit at 40

If you’re afraid that 40 is too late to ramp up your fitness routine, experts agree that is definitely not the case.

Adrienne Bankert Is in Love With Love

A conversation with 24Life.

Cleo Wade Makes Love From Words

24Life interview with Cleo Wade.

How to Reclaim Radiance, With Latham Thomas

With the birth of her son (now 14), Latham Thomas conceived Mama Glow, the wildly popular blog and services that “hold women’s hands” and educate, inform, inspire and advocate for them as they enter motherhood.

The Surprising Truth About These U.S. Olympic Athletes

They’re motivated—but not by what you’d expect.

My Moon Shot, With Josh Williamson

Josh Williamson made the team—here’s how he sets a goal.

How I Did It: Francisco Lopez

Even fitness business professionals have to stay focused on their goals and why health matters. My name is Francisco Lopez, and I’m from San Francisco,...

How I Did It: Marla Tipton

She went from a size 24 to 14, and her journey isn’t over yet. My name is Marla Tipton, and I live in Livermore, California....

Shaun T Is on Your Team

The creator of INSANITY trusts and believes in your transformation.

Grit at Work

How to Cultivate the Passion and Perseverance to Propel Your Career Forward

Body for Life, 30 Years On

Look no further than co-creator Shawn Phillips for the future of the phenomenon.

How I Did It: Angel Rodriguez

How this Air Force veteran went from 280 pounds to 195 and teaching Group X classes at 24 Hour Fitness. My name is Angel Rodriguez....

How I Did It: Beth Krakower

October is breast cancer awareness month. This week’s transformation story is the story of a woman who fought breast cancer—and “slayed a dragon.” My name...

How I Did It: Allan Korsunsky

How this 24 Hour Fitness Area Group X Manager lost weight and turned his life around. My name is Allan Korsunsky and I live in...

Find the Happiness Beyond Perfection

Happiness facilitator Petra Kolber has the key to a richer life.

How I Did It: Rebecca Walden

This Texas mom went from a size 14 to 4 by making fitness, clean eating and her health a priority. My name is Rebecca Walden...

On the Air with iHeart Radio DJ Priscilla Jordan

Get to know the voices from your favorite radio stations, including their go-to workout and where they find inspiration. When she’s not on-air at 106.1...

Meet 77-Year-Old Personal Trainer Ebrahim Daunish

The Afghanistan native and 24 Hour Fitness master trainer shares his go-to workout, and his tips for living a stress-free life. Walk into the 24...

Build a Better Brain, Build a Better Life

Meet the man who’s superhero to some of the brightest minds in business and entertainment.

Laurie Gerber: Life by Design

A life you love starts with promises and consequences—for you.

On the Air with iHeart Radio DJ Steve Burrell

Get to know the voices from your favorite radio stations, including their go-to workouts and what motivates them. When he’s not skiing in the Colorado...

It’s Easier Than Ever to Live a Life of Travel. Here’s How.

The digital nomad’s day has come.

Meet The Next Olympic Hopeful, Amanda Alvarez

We asked the 24 Hour Fitness personal trainer and former collegiate athlete why she competed for a chance to compete on the U.S. Olympic...

Pop Forward with Cassey Ho

Forbes’ “Top Influencer” makes her passion a successful reality.

Wendy MacNaughton: We’re Born Creative

The popular illustrator finds creativity in collaboration-on city streets, around the conference table and in the kitchen.

Strands of Hope

Same Sky’s luxe beaded jewelry gives a hand up to women in need across the globe.

Meet Radio DJ Geena Aguilar

Get to know the voices from your favorite radio stations, including their go-to workouts and where they find inspiration. The first in her family to...

Meet Radio DJ Dave Styles

Get to know the voices from your favorite radio stations, including their go-to workouts and how they de-stress. Dave Styles is an on-air DJ for...

Meet Radio DJ Sandy Stec

Get to know the voices from your favorite radio stations, including what's at the top of their playlist. You may be surprised where 24 Hour...

Meet Fitness Coaches Alex Carneiro and Siera Capesius

We ask the fitness power couple for their go-to workouts, and where they find inspiration. They’re the ultimate power couple: Alex Carneiro and Siera Capesius...

Meet Radio DJ Jay Rodriguez

Get to know the voices behind your favorite radio stations, including their favorite power foods and workouts. We listen to them in the car or...

Seeing More Dimensions – In Color, and Life

Alexa Meade redefined her course and makes us see double in her art.

A Healthy Mind, A Rich Life

Mega-success, fitness personality and business coach Chalene Johnson teaches people to find health, wealth and peace of mind.

Love People. Use Things. Meet The Minimalists.

Joshua Fields Millburn invites you to question what adds value to your life.

Moved to Improve with Move Mountains

This adventure company is teaching people to be more self-aware through outdoor exploration.

Wake Up Your Inner Fire with Wim Hof

The iceman teaches people all over the world to heal by tapping into colder temperatures.

Celebrate The Joy of Possessions

Celebrated organizing expert Marie Kondo doesn’t think you should get rid of everything.

This Strong Mom Will Inspire You

Don’t cry for Sara Marquez – just watch and be inspired.

Living Your Dream with Bo Eason

Bo Eason has realized “impossible” dreams more than once, and he’s got the formula for all of us to do so, too.

The Power of Living Gamefully

In “SuperBetter” Jane McGonigal shows how game play gives us the power to be healthy and happy.

The Most Important Relationship

Phil Timmons explains why getting more out of your training starts with a new relationship — to yourself.

Your Team Starts with You

The saying goes, “There’s no ‘I’ in team,” but at times, “I” is the most important letter.

Sacred Spaces with Taylor EyeWalker

Taylor EyeWalker designs a mindful life through ritual.

Forward Motion: A Walking Miracle

Black Belt Hall-of-Famer kicks paralysis to the curb and inspires his community.

Train Like An Olympian

This Team USA–inspired boot camp will be offered for a limited time only.

Focus on the Flex with Alex Carneiro

Alex Carneiro’s got a straight-up workout for your chest, arms and back.

Living Lucid

Mental performance coaching takes the art of meditation to a new level.

A Quest to Change the Food Industry for Good

Tom Bilyeu gave up a successful career in the tech world to do something much bigger.

Becoming Legends in “Hands of Stone”

Usher and Édgar Ramírez’s thrilling portrayals of boxing greats Durán and Leonard come down to the mind.
graduation quotes

Life Wisdom for Graduates

24Life honors a day of transformation for graduates nationwide.

Reaching Out, Raising Up

Diana Vega’s GX24 “family” helps her conquer her fears – and cancer.

A Hunger That Needs More Than Food

Cynthia Pasquella helps you discover what you’re really hungry for – and fixes your relationship with food.

Marie Forleo’s Personal Practice

Have time to shower? You’ve got time for Marie Forleo’s meditation practice to stop the wind-up toy in your head.

Everyday Changes, Exceptional Results

From unlearning habits to doing nothing, expand your life with these simple steps.

Take a Stand for Yourself

Can we use our bodies to positively influence our minds? Harvard professor and best-selling author Amy Cuddy has captured attention worldwide with her research...

John Cena Digs Deep Into American Grit

WWE SUPERSTAR AND HANDPICKED TEAM BRING OUT THE BEST IN SHOW’S PARTICIPANTS. John Cena carries 15 WWE World Heavyweight Champion titles and five U.S. Champion...

99% Perspiration, 100% Inspiration

Thomas Edison said genius was a little inspiration and a lot of perspiration. That puts Team 24 and U.S. Paralympic athletes Cortney Jordan and...

Family Affair

Sibling inspiration, not rivalry, spurs Frank Bonner onward.

Diana Nyad: Find a Way

Diana Nyad about her extraordinary pursuits and thrilling memoir.

Alysia Montaño: Finding Her Stride

How U.S. Olympic runner and new mom Alysia Montaño continues to redefine success.

Making Sense through Meditation

Find your Zen with a no-problem approach to meditation, as told by Jeff Carreira.

Don’t leave your best to chance

Your tribe is waiting for you – here’s why you should find it.

Cassey Ho’s Go-To Energy Boosts

The POP Pilates guru tells us her best practices for energy all day.

Why 30-day challenges work and why they fail

Want to try a challenge? Here’s how to make it work for you.

Food as Medicine: How to THRIVE

Brendan Brazier, former pro Ironman triathlete and creator of Vega plant-based nutrition tells 24Life about his "Thrive Fitness" program.

In Case of Need: Take Class

There’s a cancer survivor in front of you, a single mom on your left, a job-seeker on your right. In the Zumba “nation,” there’s bound to be someone who’s been there – and they’ve got your back.

Cold Therapy with the Iceman

Lashaun Dale embarks on a 10-week journey to reboot her Inner Fire, following the guidance of Wim Hof.

Fit for a God

It’s not every day that an up-and-coming actor portrays a mortal with godlike powers, but that’s exactly what Brenton Thwaites got to do as...

Play for Change – Success Story

When Selden McCabe was diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer in 2010, he began a drug regimen with potential to extend his life. He...


In "Race," award-winning director Stephen Hopkins and actor Stephan James tell the story of the African-American athlete who defied Hitler, then patiently faced race discrimination in the U.S.

Nothing Off-the-cuff

By any sports standards, Amy Acuff is already one of America’s greatest athletes. She’s been to five Olympic Games, and if she makes her...

A New Break For Dominic Purcell

Actor Dominic Purcell tells 24Life what normal is, even as his craft requires frequent transformation.
Derek Carr

Derek Carr: All In The Mind

One of the NFL’s hottest young quarterbacks, Derek Carr, works out at the 24 Hour Fitness Livermore Super Sport club. Known for keeping his...

Laird Hamilton

Still searching for the biggest wave.

Gabrielle Reece: Group Leader

Named one of the five most beautiful women in the world by Elle, former star of the Women's Beach Volleyball League Gabrielle Reece was...

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