Lace up your running shoes and put one foot in front of the other. You know the saying, you’re lapping everyone on the couch. Enjoy this collection of tips to become a better runner, no matter how fast you go or where you want your miles to take you.


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Check out America’s Fastest and Most Challenging Marathons

Add these 26.2-milers to your list. No one runner is like another, which is why there are hundreds of races tailored to the needs,...

Five Reasons You Should Add Walking to Your Long-Distance Running Program

Telling runners to slow down may seem counter-intuitive, but long-distance runners can benefit from adding walking to their training schedule. Here are five ways...

Avoid these Six Cardio Machine Mistakes

In order to get a good workout every time, steer clear of these common habits. People make all sorts of mistakes at the gym,...

Five Ways to Overcome Your Running Roadblocks

Overcome your rut, build imental strength and get running. Runners of every ability and athletic level can experience mental blocks that stand in the way...

Five Running Recovery Mistakes You Could Be Making

You buy the right shoes and create a killer training plan with plenty of built-in “days off.” But, if that’s the only way you...

Energy Returns

Adidas - Pure Boost X Adidas has taken its ultra-successful Pure Boost running shoe and created a version for women, the Pure Boost X. Like the...

Running Helps Your Brain

By working your muscles with a run, you could jump-start changes in the brain that expand your memory and ability to learn, says a...

Focus Pocus

It’s not a trick of the light — sometimes focus can dim your passion.
National Running Day

Seven Ways to Celebrate National Running Day

Start June off right. Lace up those cross trainers and set out for a run. Runners from across the United States will be lacing...

Get on the Ball for a Better Run

Jill Miller demonstrates three regenerative movements to help prevent injury and pain.

Blow Past Your PR With Sprints

Want to add some sprints to your workout? They have myriad benefits. Many people do them to lose fat and build muscle as sprinting...

Meditation and Running to the Rescue

Findings from a small Rutgers University study suggest that the combination of mindfulness meditation and running may have an even more powerful impact on depression...

Family Affair

Sibling inspiration, not rivalry, spurs Frank Bonner onward.

Alysia Montaño: Finding Her Stride

How U.S. Olympic runner and new mom Alysia Montaño continues to redefine success.

Hit-the-ground runner’s workout

Be a better runner with this strength endurance routine.