Feel Better


From superfood recipes to mindfulness practices, feeling better comes from within. Soak up the inspiration in this collection, designed to give you energy and improve your outlook on life.

Feel Better

How to Design Your Future With Love and Life

I often tell my clients that the best way to predict the future is to design it.

Six Ways to Banish Muscle Cramps

Treat your muscles well for a pain-free workout.

Seven Ways Fitness Can Help You Beat the Winter Blues

Here’s how staying active fights the winter slump.

Marijuana in Your Medicine Cabinet?

New hemp supplements tout health benefits without the high.

Your Brain, on Desire

We love the chase more than the object, and that’s good for us.

Body Gone bbarreless

This barre fusion workout sculpts, shapes and lifts both body and spirit.

Sculpting a Strong, Successful and Sensational Year!

You can do it – one thought at a time.

The Skin You’re In

Jacqueline Schaffer, MD shares her secrets to getting gorgeous, happy and healthy skin.

Reset Your Body for a Fresh Start

Three self-care moves will leave you energized and ready for a new beginning.

From Vegetarians to Meat Evangelists

How one couple’s Paleo conversion has shaken up the sports nutrition business.

Feed Your Soul

Focus on becoming more of you, instead of less, and break the cycle of dieting that has nothing to do with food.

Start Here, for Lasting Change

It all begins with a balanced nervous system.

Here’s What Happens When You Eat in Silence

Discover the four ways your body experiences food without ambient noise.

Paleo Power

Q&A with best-selling Paleo cookbook author Danielle Walker.

Find Your Sweet Spot

Take three steps to do what you love in work and life.