Feel Better

From superfood recipes to mindfulness practices, feeling better comes from within. Soak up the inspiration in this collection, designed to give you energy and improve your outlook on life.

Feel Better

Take a Chance on 3 Self-Care Moves

Do these moves to get acquainted with—and even master—the edge of your comfort zone.

6 Worthwhile Risks for a More Rewarding Life

What exactly are you waiting for?

Why We Should Bet on Whole Foods

Here’s the simple reason that a simple diet can prevent disease.

How to Take the Best Post-Workout Selfie

Show your glow! You just spent the last hour shaking, twirling, dropping low, and dancing your way through an amazing Zumba class. You’re dripping sweat...

Unique Exercises and Strategies for Healthy, Strong Feet

These 7 moves and 6 massage techniques will keep feet happy.

Use the Stress Response to Go Farther

The “flight” response can power your resilience—and your run.

Pep Talk: Get Rid of Excuses

If Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll can find the time to walk, you probably can find the time for walking, too.

3 Must-Do Yoga Poses for Every Runner

Over the last decade, yoga has emerged on the fitness scene as the ultimate cross-training activity.

New Rules of Running Recovery

You can run injury-free.

A Strategic Approach to Mobility

Rules to live by for a long and happy running habit.

Green Recovery Smoothie Bowl

It’s the right color for St. Patrick’s Day and the right nutrition for post-workout.

Pep Talk with Diana Nyad: Get Stronger

Walking is a more impactful workout than you might think, say Diana Nyad, world-renowned endurance athlete and Bonnie Stoll, former pro racquetball player and coach, co-founders of EverWalk.

Pep Talk with Diana Nyad: Respect Your Body

Diana Nyad, world-renowned endurance athlete and co-founder of EverWalk, tells 24Life why we need our health before anything else can happen.

The Mys-tear-ious World of Crying

It’s the weirdest thing—we cry when we’re hurt, when we’re sad and also sometimes when we’re happy. We cry in movies, at weddings, at funerals...

Take the Heat

Some say a sauna or bath is the healthiest thing you can do sitting still.