Feel Better

From superfood recipes to mindfulness practices, feeling better comes from within. Soak up the inspiration in this collection, designed to give you energy and improve your outlook on life.

Feel Better

Project Summer: Meet Jill Miller of Tune Up Fitness

The Los Angeles-based mom of two shares her favorite self-care moves and where she finds inspiration. This summer, we’re bringing you inspiration from some of...

Project Summer: Meet Michol Dalcourt, Founder of Institute of Motion

The expert in human movement and performance shares why health—not fitness—is important to him. This summer, we’re bringing you inspiration from some of the top...

Laurie Gerber: Life by Design

A life you love starts with promises and consequences—for you.

Train to Claim Your Power

“SuperSoul Sunday” alum Mastin Kipp takes on what’s blocking your momentum.

Adapt and Move Forward

Three techniques help you get past obstacles—including (sometimes) yourself.

Bring Your Meditation Closer to Transformation

Try this yogic practice for visualization. 

Why Happiness Is a Muscle You Have to Work Out Daily

Train your brain and your breath to find happiness in the ups and downs of life.

How to Get Rid of Your Limiting Beliefs

Seven steps to make your dreams a reality.

Three Ways Exercise Helps You Think Better

You might be able to outrun your genes.

You Should Be Taking Collagen

Include this popular supplement in your nutrition plan.

Home, Inspired

Elana Kilkenny shows how your home and workspace can serve you better.

Design a Better Anything

24 ways to design your thinking and increase your creative confidence.

Can You Design Better Sleep?

Find out which devices might be helping—and when they might not.

For the Love of Dogs

People with dogs are healthier, happier and more responsible human beings. There is a reason the canine species is so lovingly referred to as “man’s...

10 Proven Ways to Lower Your Stress and Anxiety Now

Feeling anxious? Break a sweat—and nine other ways to keep calm. Just 35 years ago, anxiety did not exist as a diagnosis. Today, it’s the...

Find Your Sense of Hunger

It’s actually good to feel our natural hunger cues.

Digital Detox

Lose the screens, and find deeper internal and external connection.

Light Up Your Blind Spots

Three moves can help you develop a better body sense.

Deep Reset: Yoga Nidra

This practice will help you find your way back to being.

Unlocking Your Masterpiece

Four ways to tune into that still, small voice that is you strength.

Meditation Improves Creativity

When you think about it, mindfulness practice gives you an obvious advantage.

Creativity on Tap

Six habits can help keep ideas flowing.

The Brain’s Creative Chaos

Say goodbye to left brain, right brain thinking. The secret to creativity’s neuroscience is deeper than that.

Do We Really Need to Drink Water?

A look at how various beverages hydrate compared with water.

How to Get Your Marriage Mojo Back

Four moves can reinforce your relationship—then you add the creative spark.

Care for Your Creativity

Three moves break through physical and energy blocks.

24 Ways to Be a More Creative (Happier) Person

24 easy ways to find freedom of expression in your life, your way.

Six Ways Dancing is Good For You

Just 30 minutes is healthy for your brain and your body. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it many more times again: Dancing is...

Summer Fresh, Anywhere

Here’s how to find summer’s bounty even if you live in the city.

Star-Studded Slumber

Finding community (and your soul’s desire) at a sleepaway camp for grownups.

Let the Music Play

Here’s why music and dance lift us up—individually and all together.

Three Breath Techniques to Inspire a Great Workout—or Day

Use breath to restore energy and boost your mood.  You may have noticed that breath training (along with regeneration techniques such as cold therapy and...

Foam Rolling for Muscle Tightness

How to roll your feet, hips, calves, and shoulders. The human body consists of more than 600 muscles, 300 joints and 206 bones. It’s made to...

Take a Chance on 3 Self-Care Moves

Do these moves to get acquainted with—and even master—the edge of your comfort zone.

6 Worthwhile Risks for a More Rewarding Life

What exactly are you waiting for?

Why We Should Bet on Whole Foods

Here’s the simple reason that a simple diet can prevent disease.

How to Take the Best Post-Workout Selfie

Show your glow! You just spent the last hour shaking, twirling, dropping low, and dancing your way through an amazing Zumba class. You’re dripping sweat...

Unique Exercises and Strategies for Healthy, Strong Feet

These 7 moves and 6 massage techniques will keep feet happy.

Use the Stress Response to Go Farther

The “flight” response can power your resilience—and your run.

Pep Talk: Get Rid of Excuses

If Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll can find the time to walk, you probably can find the time for walking, too.

3 Must-Do Yoga Poses for Every Runner

Over the last decade, yoga has emerged on the fitness scene as the ultimate cross-training activity.

New Rules of Running Recovery

You can run injury-free.

A Strategic Approach to Mobility

Rules to live by for a long and happy running habit.

Green Recovery Smoothie Bowl

It’s the right color for St. Patrick’s Day and the right nutrition for post-workout.

Pep Talk with Diana Nyad: Get Stronger

Walking is a more impactful workout than you might think, say Diana Nyad, world-renowned endurance athlete and Bonnie Stoll, former pro racquetball player and coach, co-founders of EverWalk.

Pep Talk with Diana Nyad: Respect Your Body

Diana Nyad, world-renowned endurance athlete and co-founder of EverWalk, tells 24Life why we need our health before anything else can happen.

The Mys-tear-ious World of Crying

It’s the weirdest thing—we cry when we’re hurt, when we’re sad and also sometimes when we’re happy. We cry in movies, at weddings, at funerals...

Take the Heat

Some say a sauna or bath is the healthiest thing you can do sitting still.

Up Your Game With Medicinal Mushrooms

Different from the mushrooms you find in the produce section, this powerful category of food is worth considering as a supplement.

Four Strategies to Get Your Dream

Lauren Handel Zander coaches you to pinpoint obstacles and blow past them.

24 Hot Podcasts

These experts will change the way you think about working out.

Three Ways to Say No

“No” is part of your strategy for saying yes to what you want.

Meditation Strategy

Choose the meditation that’s right for you.

Make Your Self-Care Move

When you need to make a plan, choose moves to liberate your body and clear your mind.

Save Your Strands

For those suffering from thinning hair, it might seem like thick locks are in the past, but several solutions can help.

Master Your Mornings, Master Your Life

Five steps to make that first hour set up a great day.

The Science of Rituals and Automation: How to Set Yourself Up for Success

Top-rated health podcaster and author Shawn Stevenson shows you how to change your brain to make lifestyle changes part of who you are.

How to Design Your Future With Love and Life

I often tell my clients that the best way to predict the future is to design it.

Six Ways to Banish Muscle Cramps

Treat your muscles well for a pain-free workout.

Seven Ways Fitness Can Help You Beat the Winter Blues

Here’s how staying active fights the winter slump.

Marijuana in Your Medicine Cabinet?

New hemp supplements tout health benefits without the high.

Your Brain, on Desire

We love the chase more than the object, and that’s good for us.

Body Gone bbarreless

This barre fusion workout sculpts, shapes and lifts both body and spirit.

Sculpting a Strong, Successful and Sensational Year!

You can do it – one thought at a time.

The Skin You’re In

Jacqueline Schaffer, MD shares her secrets to getting gorgeous, happy and healthy skin.

Reset Your Body for a Fresh Start

Three self-care moves will leave you energized and ready for a new beginning.

From Vegetarians to Meat Evangelists

How one couple’s Paleo conversion has shaken up the sports nutrition business.

Feed Your Soul

Focus on becoming more of you, instead of less, and break the cycle of dieting that has nothing to do with food.

Start Here, for Lasting Change

It all begins with a balanced nervous system.

Here’s What Happens When You Eat in Silence

Discover the four ways your body experiences food without ambient noise.

Paleo Power

Q&A with best-selling Paleo cookbook author Danielle Walker.

Find Your Sweet Spot

Take three steps to do what you love in work and life.

Going Out of Busyness

Why we can’t seem to take the time to make the time for change.

Movement Basics for a Healthier 2017

Make mobility part of your resolve to be injury-free.

Fitness in the Kitchen With Jorge Cruise

These are the real answers you need to kick off the New Year.

Resolve to Make Better Resolutions in 2017

Create realistic goals and stay motivated in 2017. Let’s just get it out there: New Year’s resolutions do not have a good track record. By...

Goals from the Heart with Jim Kwik

The start of the year is an amazing time to reset and clear space in your life. That doesn’t necessarily mean an elaborate set...

The Art of Energy

Clear blocks from within. Energy medicine and energy psychology have finally bubbled up into mainstream awareness. From the healing power of yoga to Carlos Castaneda’s...

Rewrite Your Story in 2017

Tips from experts make this the year you want.

10 Christmas Morning Stretches for the Whole Family

Start the holidays with a healthy mind and body. The holidays are the perfect time to get together with family, indulge in a good meal...

Renew Yourself: How to Take Advantage of the Winter Solstice

Inspiration from wellness experts to bring your inner shadows into the light in December. While some people may only associate the Winter Solstice -- this...

Seven Feel-Good Moves to Reduce Stress

We know that using foam rollers and massage tools for self-myofascial release before and after a workout is key to improving performance and recovery,...

Six Tips to Avoid Holiday Overeating

Being surrounded by loved ones and holiday spirit makes it hard not to indulge, 24Life is here to help. Brace yourself. The holiday season...

A Healthy Mind, A Rich Life

Mega-success, fitness personality and business coach Chalene Johnson teaches people to find health, wealth and peace of mind.

Love People. Use Things. Meet The Minimalists.

Joshua Fields Millburn invites you to question what adds value to your life.

Seven Packing Tips from a World Traveller

Jason Nemer is at home literally everywhere, so his life fits into a suitcase.

1 Conference, 12 Experts, 24+ Trends to Watch

Slowing down aging. Reversing chronic disease. Erasing pain.

24 Easy Investments in Better Health

What’s health got to do with retirement investments? Well, it turns out, a lot.

Decisions by Design

When you know your core values, you don’t need motivation.

Welcome to Vata Season

Ayurvedic principles balance seasonal and personal characteristics for good health.

Moved to Improve with Move Mountains

This adventure company is teaching people to be more self-aware through outdoor exploration.

Three Techniques to Clear Your Mind

Get into the right headspace for the holidays.

Unlocking the Self in Our Cells

Sondra Barrett, PhD, finds wisdom may lie in our cells.

The Difference Between Health vs. Fitness

Make the other 23 hours in your day count.

Learn About the Super Greens

Good things — like protein — come in small packages.

All the Right Tools

Exciting new equipment can take your fitness to the next level.

Enjoy Your Food for Better Health

Good nutrition is easier — and more pleasurable — than you might think.

Drink Up Some Holiday Cheer

Cooking with fresh autumn produce adds an extra dash of pleasure to your everyday nourishment.

Change Your Space, Change Your Life

Refresh your living space to restore energy and inspiration.

‘Tis the Season for Perfect Gifts

Find the perfect holiday gifts for everyone on your list, from the yogi to the weekend warrior to the fashionista.

Managing Your Mental Health

Living in a city has many benefits, but urbanization is also associated with increased levels of mental illness. While the reason behind this link...

What’s Eating Your Teeth?

There are plenty of alternatives to soda — such as juices, flavored waters, teas and energy drinks — but swapping soda for another “healthier”...

Nine Last-Minute Gifts

Running out of time? Run to the gym!

Make a Move on Pain

Be consistent for long-term results, say Kelly and Juliet Starrett.

The Secrets to Health

Physical routines are only the start.

Celebrate The Joy of Possessions

Celebrated organizing expert Marie Kondo doesn’t think you should get rid of everything.

Be Your Own Superhero

Tips to vanquish three supervillains.

The Power of Yes! with Baron Baptiste

Knowing when to say yes or no is everything. This meditation shows you how.

Meditation Takes Manhattan

What happens when a massive group gets quiet in Central Park?

The Power of Living Gamefully

In “SuperBetter” Jane McGonigal shows how game play gives us the power to be healthy and happy.

Build Your Mental Muscle

Think again about how we learn as a group.

Better Together

The stories we tell shape our community — whether that’s a community of one or a community of many, in relation to family, friends,...

Don’t Sweat It

No one wants to be the stinky kid in gym class. Use this guide to find the right product to keep you fresh and dry.

Be the Change

You have more influence than you think.

Belly Bliss

Keep your core strong and your gut healthy with three self-care moves.

A Cuddle a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Pets are good for our health, and our doctors’. Here’s why.

Food and Friendship

Here’s how to count your blessings.

Share the Flavor

Quick seasonal dishes to come together and enjoy.

Nuts about nut butters

Are some nuts or seeds better than others?

The Modern House Call

Video-conference and apps bring fast diagnoses.

Five Alternative Therapies to Know

High-profile athletes turn to these treatments for performance and recovery.

How to Deal with Digestive Distress

A change in routine can temporarily wreak digestive havoc. Here’s how to get things moving.

Friends and Money

Choose your words for a positive outcome.

Taking a Stand for Healthier Kids

How one non-profit is hoping to end the obesity epidemic, one classroom at a time.

Group Think

How collective flow states can lead to a happier, healthier group.

Forward Motion: A Walking Miracle

Black Belt Hall-of-Famer kicks paralysis to the curb and inspires his community.

Thrive in Love

No matter where we are in the spectrum of love, and no matter where we are in the relationship continuum, many of us want to know how we can thrive in love.

Can You Hack Your Brain for Better Performance?

Smart drugs and botanicals are gaining attention from proponents and detractors.

Making New Favorites with Plant-Based Milks

Dina Cheney considers the plant-based milks that provide the best flavors and textures for fresh and innovative recipes as well as new takes on...

Focus Your Energy

Greg Wieting demonstrates a movement sequence designed to energize your yoga practice — and bring focus to your day.

Clean Sweep

The lymphatic system clears out a host of “distractions” to good health.

Move Into Focus

Three regenerative movements bring insights into your body.

Focus Pocus

It’s not a trick of the light — sometimes focus can dim your passion.

Five Triggers for Focus

Focus is a prerequisite to flow.

Songs of Summer

Tune up your playlist for the season.

Focus on High Returns

Use this concept to make wise choices and change how you feel and perform.

Learn About the New Milks

Plant-based milks offer options that dairy doesn’t.

Know Thy Neighbor

Community brings happiness, a greater sense of security and true safety.

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Pick up a pen — it’s good for your brain as well as your soul.

Better Sleep, By Design

Top-rated podcaster and author Shawn Stevenson shares his inspiring journey to a healthy life – through sleep.

Summer Rituals to Bring in Happiness and Joy

Our brains read some truth into our rituals, which makes them powerful tools for change.

Driven to Distraction

Regain your focus in our “attentional economy.”

The Introvert’s Survival Guide for Family Vacations

Have you ever felt like you needed a vacation from your vacation? Do family members scold you for bringing along a book? (“You can...

A Quest to Change the Food Industry for Good

Tom Bilyeu gave up a successful career in the tech world to do something much bigger.

Find Your Strength in Numbers

How instructors build a community of like-minded exercisers.
graduation quotes

Life Wisdom for Graduates

24Life honors a day of transformation for graduates nationwide.
Nervous system

Tools For a Balanced Nervous System

A balanced nervous system is central to our overall health and well-being. However, the majority of us have an over-active sympathetic nervous system —...

Reaching Out, Raising Up

Diana Vega’s GX24 “family” helps her conquer her fears – and cancer.

Transform Your Brain, Transform Your Life

Transformation has long been a cherished human goal.