Self-care is healthcare.

Growing Flowers in the Desert

A scientist’s dream blooms brightly.

How to Design Your Future With Love and Life

I often tell my clients that the best way to predict the future is to design it.

Six Ways to Banish Muscle Cramps

Treat your muscles well for a pain-free workout.

Awakened Yearnings

Discover what you truly want. One of my favorite authors is Oriah Mountain Dreamer. Probably my favorite line from her book “The Invitation” is the...

Love Is the Operating System

Over the years, I began to notice with my clients that “relationship” issues rarely stayed in that nice, tidy little corner of our life called ‘love.
meet people at the gym

Four Ways to Meet People at the Gym

Be a social butterfly and connect with others with these tips. There's no denying that the gym can be an excellent place to meet new...

Get Back Into Your Body

Three self-care moves help anchor your ambitions to your body.

Find Your Fitness Partner

The payoffs go way beyond the scale.

The Best Rest

Recovery means more than a day off from the gym.
chalene johnson

Unapologetically Authentic: Meet the Real Chalene Johnson

Whether you know her from the fitness world, the business world, social media, the Internet, TV or all of the above, Chalene Johnson is...
Beautiful Woman Hairbrushing

New Year, New You: Beauty Resolutions

Do your hair and skin a favor by making these beauty New Year’s resolutions you’ll actually want to keep. ’Tis the season to start thinking...

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Follow these 8 tips to help you begin a walking club.

Reset Your Body for a Fresh Start

Three self-care moves will leave you energized and ready for a new beginning.

Find Your Sweet Spot

Take three steps to do what you love in work and life.

The Art of Energy

Clear blocks from within. Energy medicine and energy psychology have finally bubbled up into mainstream awareness. From the healing power of yoga to Carlos Castaneda’s...

10 Christmas Morning Stretches for the Whole Family

Start the holidays with a healthy mind and body. The holidays are the perfect time to get together with family, indulge in a good meal...

Seven Feel-Good Moves to Reduce Stress

We know that using foam rollers and massage tools for self-myofascial release before and after a workout is key to improving performance and recovery,...

Welcome to Vata Season

Ayurvedic principles balance seasonal and personal characteristics for good health.

Moved to Improve with Move Mountains

This adventure company is teaching people to be more self-aware through outdoor exploration.

Three Techniques to Clear Your Mind

Get into the right headspace for the holidays.

Unlocking the Self in Our Cells

Sondra Barrett, PhD, finds wisdom may lie in our cells.

Change Your Space, Change Your Life

Refresh your living space to restore energy and inspiration.

Wake Up Your Inner Fire with Wim Hof

The iceman teaches people all over the world to heal by tapping into colder temperatures.

Take Hold of Life with Epic Goals

“Health is what I value most” – Diana Nyad

Three Ways to Spend Your Rest Days

Your body needs to recover, but you don’t want to spend rest days as a couch potato. Your body requires rest. And while it’s not...

10 Recovery Moves That Will Make You a Stronger Athlete

Recovery often sounds like a “dirty” word. What are you recovering from? A night out with friends? Surgery? A day in the office? And...

24 Ways to Learn More – and Faster – For Real

Move beyond all-nighters, flashcards and brute memorization to tap your full brain capacity.

Meditation Takes Manhattan

What happens when a massive group gets quiet in Central Park?

Be the Change

You have more influence than you think.

Belly Bliss

Keep your core strong and your gut healthy with three self-care moves.

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