Self-care is healthcare.

Protect Your Power

These three techniques can help you feel centered. 

Celebrate Working Together

Three moves can help your hardest-working parts work better together.

24 Ways to Say Thank You

Give thanks and receive so much more.

Why You Need an Indoor Plant (or Two)

Boost your mood and lower your stress by going green. We know that pet owners are happier and healthier because of their furry pals, but...

Why You Should be Taking Hot and Cold Showers

Your shower can boost your energy, relieve your stress and so much more. Most people shower to stay clean and fresh. But for others, showering...

How to Tell When Your Body Needs a Break

Check in with your body and take time off from your routine to be more successful in life. End of phrase. Period. Full stop. Start...

We Fight for Your Dreams

Six ways life coaching is different than therapy.

Three Moves for the Long Haul

Prepare to endure life’s challenges with these moves.

Tap Into Your Reserves

Get back in touch—literally—and find your body and mind’s hidden strength.

How to Keep Your Mind, Body and Spirit Healthy

Nurture and care for your mind, body and spirit for ultimate happiness and to live your best life. As I write these words, I feel...

Home, Inspired

Elana Kilkenny shows how your home and workspace can serve you better.

Strategic Movement

Three self-care moves can help you get ready, get set and go—where YOU want to go.

Flip, Redefine and Pay Tribute to Move Forward

Take a lesson from musical artists on innovation.

Design a Better Anything

24 ways to design your thinking and increase your creative confidence.

For the Love of Dogs

People with dogs are healthier, happier and more responsible human beings. There is a reason the canine species is so lovingly referred to as “man’s...

Try This: Energy Testing

Find out what practices are or aren’t serving you with this simple exercise. One of the best things about summer is trying new things. Paddle...

10 Proven Ways to Lower Your Stress and Anxiety Now

Feeling anxious? Break a sweat—and nine other ways to keep calm. Just 35 years ago, anxiety did not exist as a diagnosis. Today, it’s the...

Digital Detox

Lose the screens, and find deeper internal and external connection.

Light Up Your Blind Spots

Three moves can help you develop a better body sense.

Deep Reset: Yoga Nidra

This practice will help you find your way back to being.

The Science Behind Sweat

Why becoming a hot, sweaty mess during your workout is a good thing. Dr. Steve Faulkner has been working in the field of exercise physiology...

How to Get Your Marriage Mojo Back

Four moves can reinforce your relationship—then you add the creative spark.

Care for Your Creativity

Three moves break through physical and energy blocks.

Open Your Arms to Inspiration

This combination of pressure points and posture create a path for fresh energy.

How to Stop Caring What People Think

Stop worrying and start unleashing your creativity.

Five Ways Laughter is the Best Medicine

Look up some cat videos on YouTube, and start laughing your way to a healthier you. I don’t know about you, but I love to...

Your June Chakrastrology™ Update

Take advantage of the full moon, connect with earth and let go of the beliefs that are holding you back this month. What is Chakrastrology™? Chakrastrology...

Three Ways to Tap Your Inner Joy

Ditch the seriousness, and practice joy with a little help from yoga. Sometimes I feel like a stand-up comedian. Not that I’m as funny as...

Star-Studded Slumber

Finding community (and your soul’s desire) at a sleepaway camp for grownups.

Let the Music Play

Here’s why music and dance lift us up—individually and all together.

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