Self-care is healthcare.

Open Your Arms to Inspiration

This combination of pressure points and posture create a path for fresh energy.

How to Stop Caring What People Think

Stop worrying and start unleashing your creativity.

Five Ways Laughter is the Best Medicine

Look up some cat videos on YouTube, and start laughing your way to a healthier you. I don’t know about you, but I love to...

Your June Chakrastrology™ Update

Take advantage of the full moon, connect with earth and let go of the beliefs that are holding you back this month. What is Chakrastrology™? Chakrastrology...

Three Ways to Tap Your Inner Joy

Ditch the seriousness, and practice joy with a little help from yoga. Sometimes I feel like a stand-up comedian. Not that I’m as funny as...

Star-Studded Slumber

Finding community (and your soul’s desire) at a sleepaway camp for grownups.

Let the Music Play

Here’s why music and dance lift us up—individually and all together.

Summer of Self-Love

Three playful moves take care of brain and body.

Three Breath Techniques to Inspire a Great Workout—or Day

Use breath to restore energy and boost your mood.  You may have noticed that breath training (along with regeneration techniques such as cold therapy and...

Why You Should Never Skip a Cool Down

Cooling down is just as important as your workout. You’re wrapping up an intense Zumba class. You’ve sweat, shimmied and rocked your way through reggaeton,...

Q&A With Danielle LaPorte

The author of “White Hot Truth” shares her current passion. Danielle LaPorte isn’t shy about calling out the distractions and even the destructiveness that can...

Foam Rolling for Muscle Tightness

How to roll your feet, hips, calves, and shoulders. The human body consists of more than 600 muscles, 300 joints and 206 bones. It’s made to...

The 3 C’s for Success

You can pursue your own goal—and shared happiness.

Take a Chance on 3 Self-Care Moves

Do these moves to get acquainted with—and even master—the edge of your comfort zone.

Quick Tips to Regain Your Wits

Use this technique when you need to think fast.

Countdown to Brave

Try 24 things that are worth the risk.

Spring Run

Turn the energy of this season to your advantage.

New Rules of Running Recovery

You can run injury-free.

Recovery 2.0

Three strategic self-care moves pay off with better training and performance.

A Strategic Approach to Mobility

Rules to live by for a long and happy running habit.

Make Your Self-Care Move

When you need to make a plan, choose moves to liberate your body and clear your mind.

Honor Failure

Avoiding failure could put off your success.

The Science of Rituals and Automation: How to Set Yourself Up for Success

Top-rated health podcaster and author Shawn Stevenson shows you how to change your brain to make lifestyle changes part of who you are.

Growing Flowers in the Desert

A scientist’s dream blooms brightly.

How to Design Your Future With Love and Life

I often tell my clients that the best way to predict the future is to design it.

Six Ways to Banish Muscle Cramps

Treat your muscles well for a pain-free workout.

Awakened Yearnings

Discover what you truly want. One of my favorite authors is Oriah Mountain Dreamer. Probably my favorite line from her book “The Invitation” is the...

Love Is the Operating System

Over the years, I began to notice with my clients that “relationship” issues rarely stayed in that nice, tidy little corner of our life called ‘love.
meet people at the gym

Four Ways to Meet People at the Gym

Be a social butterfly and connect with others with these tips. There's no denying that the gym can be an excellent place to meet new...

Get Back Into Your Body

Three self-care moves help anchor your ambitions to your body.

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