Get informed. Choose consciously. Eat well.

The Spice of Life

Venture beyond your comfort zone with spices.

6 Worthwhile Risks for a More Rewarding Life

What exactly are you waiting for?

Why We Should Bet on Whole Foods

Here’s the simple reason that a simple diet can prevent disease.

From Detox to Cocktails

Jorge Cruise talks nourishment risks and rewards.

The Fresh-Food Revolutionaries

Square Roots is bringing the farm to your office desk.

To Eat, or Not to Eat?

New research looks at what happens with everyday exercise on an empty stomach. Should you roll out of bed and out the door for a...

Fat Facts vs. Fat Fiction

Discover the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to fat. If you’re confused about what fats you should be consuming or avoiding,...

Detoxing Isn’t What You Think It Is

4 steps toward the energy and body you want.

Energy to Go

What should runners eat?

Green Recovery Smoothie Bowl

It’s the right color for St. Patrick’s Day and the right nutrition for post-workout.

Forward Motion

Spring is a season of change. It's time to take a good look at what's working and what's not working in all parts of your life. Those...

How Caffeine Can Help or Hinder Your Workout

Here are the pros and cons behind one of the world’s favorite energy boosters. Whether it’s in coffee, tea or energy drinks, caffeine is something...

10 Dietitian-Approved Strategies to Eat Healthier

Eating healthier is something most of us want to do, but intentions are tough to act on without specific strategies in place.

What the Experts Think About Sugar in Fruit

Fruit gets a bad rap for being high in sugar, but the experts have a different take.

Organic, Vegan and On Your Doorstep

LoveGoodly helps shoppers discover conscious brands.

Get a Top Nutritionist’s Secrets for Eating Healthfully

Joy Bauer gives us the skinny.

Should You Try Intermittent Fasting?

Here’s some food for thought about this buzzy eating regimen.

One-Pan Coconut Chicken and Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice

When it comes to getting dinner on the table quickly, strategy is everything. Use our time-saving tips to prep-as-you-go and enjoy this delicious, low-carb, one-pan chicken dinner tonight!

Plan Your Snacks

Spontaneity can derail a plan, but restrictions can undercut your long-term commitment. The best intentions can fail miserably if they are not backed by a...

Four Mental Tricks to Accomplish Any Goal You Want

From weight loss to good parenting, sometimes your mind needs a little encouragement.

Reader Questions Answered: Eat for Energy with Jorge Cruise

The best goals are often derailed by good intentions gone south—typically the result of a less than optimal decision, which when further examined can be traced to poor planning and preparation.

Marijuana in Your Medicine Cabinet?

New hemp supplements tout health benefits without the high.

Caramelized Banana Walnut Zoats

Zoats, or zucchini oats, have become a new favorite breakfast around our house.

The Pros and Cons of Eating Before Your Workout

Details on the ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting and what happens to your body when you work out without eating. Whether or not to perform cardio...

Fuel Your Goals

Breakfasts, bites and bedtime treats can add to your fitness and not your waistline.

Crack the Diet Code

Choose a healthy eating plan for life.

Feed Your Desire to Eat Well

You’re only human.
Paleo diet

Three Popular Questions About the Paleo Diet

What is the paleo diet? What can you eat? And can you really get results by following it? High-carb, low-carb, no carb, vegan, raw food...

Tiny and Full for Life With Jorge Cruise

Ideas and insight for conscious living from a renowned and loved fitness celebrity. Jorge Cruise is a fitness expert, weight-loss coach, a New York Times...
dry january

New Year No-Booze Challenge: Why Go Dry This January

Holidays are often heavy on the drinking. This January, do the opposite. We're all human, which is why vices shouldn't necessarily be forbidden —...

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