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Ten Tips from 5 Pros for a Community Potluck

It’s healthy for you to get to know your neighbors or start a new tradition.

Why is Pumpkin Spice Such a Seasonal Phenomenon?

Pumpkin spice latte illustrates how food engineering has a hold on our taste buds … and our memories.

How to Detox from Sugar

Use this four-step process to cut down on your sugar consumption. We won’t sugar-coat it: The white stuff contributes to weight gain and chronic disease....

Three Hot Fall Health Trends

Step aside PSL, these are three hot fall health trends to try. Ah, fall. The leaves are changing colors, the weather is getting colder, sweaters...

Immunity, Emotion and Your Microbiome

Science is rapidly demonstrating that the microbial “forest” in our gut is central to everything from our immune system to our emotional well-being. Doctor...

Cut the Crap

Why eating healthy isn’t just better for your body, but for your mind and soul, too. Many of us love to eat crap. Pizza. Sugar....

Three Health Benefits of Kale We Love

Introduce this leafy green into your diet for amazing health benefits. In the last few years, kale has hit the health food world with a...

Nourishment, According to Kris Carr

The cancer survivor and New York Times best-selling author defines it on crazy, sexy terms.

The Real Problem With Diets

Here’s what to do, instead of what someone told you to do.

Food that Fuels

Quinoa and White Bean Burgers keep you going.

The Perks of Your Coffee Habit

Five reasons your morning coffee is so much more than a caffeine boost. There are few things more universal in our culture than the need...

What’s in Season: Fall Veggie Recipes

Purchase produce in season for these hearty and healthy recipes. When it comes to purchasing produce, experts typically agree that it’s best to buy and...

Does Protein Improve Your Fitness?

How protein can help with exercise recovery and metabolism. Of the three major sources of energy—fat, carbohydrates and protein—the importance of proteins to human...

Plan Your Kitchen to Help You Get Slim

Take these steps to banish temptation.

Easy Peasy

Freeze the extra—if there is any—when you make this quick pea pesto for busy weeknights.

Eat Less, Feel Better

It’s not just what you eat; it’s how much and when you munch.

You Should Be Taking Collagen

Include this popular supplement in your nutrition plan.

10 Ways to Incorporate Deep Nutrition into Your Diet

Why you should be eating liver and drinking bone broth. For maximum health, it pays to go deep. This means satisfying the nutritional needs of...

Four Ways to Help Your Kids Develop Strong Bones

Ditch the soda, and other simple ways to help your kids grow strong and healthy bones. I was experiencing athletic energy deficit in college, and...

Global Eating Secrets

Discover the world in four lifestyle diets.

Find Your Sense of Hunger

It’s actually good to feel our natural hunger cues.

A Treasured Recipe

Summer’s tomato bounty brings back memories – or creates new ones.

Trending Now: Healthier Ice Cream Alternatives

For National Ice Cream Day, consider one of these better-for-you alternatives. On some hot summer days, a popsicle or sorbet won’t do. We want something...

You’ll Never Guess What’s in This Low-Sugar Dark Chocolate

A mushroom extract is the new low-calorie sweetener substitute in this chocolaty treat. Bar none, the darkest chocolate is the healthiest: The higher the percentage...

Eat Outside the Box

Staple recipes let you get creative when a flavor craving strikes.

Salad Sparkle

Fruit brings flair to a humdrum veggie salad.

Summer Health and Wellness—with a Twist

Jorge Cruise says you don’t have to sacrifice fun for results.

Do We Really Need to Drink Water?

A look at how various beverages hydrate compared with water.

How Your Kids Can Help Feed the Hungry

Get your kids off the couch this summer with help from an app that turns their steps into meals. With no school to fill up...

Recipe: Italian Sandwich with Marinated Kale

Marinated kale meets fresh mozzarella, salami and ciabatta in this summery Italian sandwich. Whether you’re playing at the beach, the park, the pool or just...

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