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The HIIT List: Five Reasons to Up the Intensity

HIIT has been called the closest thing to an exercise pill. While it might take a bit more effort, there is now no doubt...

How to Do a Cartwheel

Spark your creativity by getting upside down. When most people think of creativity, art and music are probably what spring to mind first. But we...

Four Ways to Stay Fit on the Fourth

Take advantage of the holiday to keep active and healthy with a few fun tricks. Independence Day is a great excuse to get together with...

The Brain’s Creative Chaos

Say goodbye to left brain, right brain thinking. The secret to creativity’s neuroscience is deeper than that.

Core By Creation

Watch out world, summer body in progress.

Your Summer Yoga Practice, on the Fly

AcroYoga’s founder and chief visionary Jason Nemer and a crew of AcroYogis shares a summer practice with 24Life.

Unleash Your Workout (Without Starting from Scratch)

A little bit of change can go a long way toward your commitment—and your results.

Running Coach Jason Karp on Three Metabolism Myths

The running guru on his latest book, myths about metabolism and a killer 14-minute cardio workout. When author and fitness coach Jason Karp discovered running...

Are You the Next Olympic Hopeful?

24 Hour Fitness and the U.S. Olympic Committee are looking for athletes to represent Team USA. The Olympic Winter Games 2018 are probably not top...

Seven Ways to Play at the Gym

Treat the gym like your playground to make your movement a little more fun. When we were young, play was our life; it was our...

Three Playful Movements to Add to Your Workout Routine

Return to your childhood ways and have fun with your movement. We live in a fast-paced, goal-oriented society and are expected to always be productive...

Tips for Your Best Run Yet

What to do before, during and after your run to make it a great one. Whether you prefer running on a treadmill or outdoors on...

Playing for Keeps

Try these four health-boosting ways to play.

Rise, Shine and Go

This morning routine will make your day.

Summer SandBell Strength Circuit

It’s got all the strength and sweat you need for a summer body.

Tone Your Arms for Wedding Season

Try this full-body workout with an emphasis on push-ups to get your arms, chest and shoulders ready for summer. When the sun is out and...

How to Get a Flatter Stomach With HIIT

Science shows how to effectively cut inches from your core. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is known to burn serious amounts of fat, seriously fast. But...

Rock the Rope

A former Rockette’s jump rope class blends cardio and strength training for the ultimate sweat experience. The Rope, a class at Studio B in Manhattan...

Six Ways Your Workouts Can Benefit From Periodization

How switching up the intensity of your daily movement can lead to better results. Doing the same thing repeatedly with the expectation of different results...

Class Notes: What to Expect from Barre Harmony

Daily Burn’s Barre Harmony ups the intensity. I’ve taken barre classes for years, and now that it’s trending, there are no shortage of barre—and barreless—options....

The Goldilocks Zone

From risk to reward—how much exercise is just right?

6 Ways Fear Makes You Stronger

Flip your outlook on the emotion that freezes you.

Summer-Ready Body at the Barre

Strengthen and lengthen with Barre Harmony.

Test Your Grit

Learn these moves to boost strength and function.

Win the Day

Athletic movement helps you get agile, limber and strong.

Unique Exercises and Strategies for Healthy, Strong Feet

These 7 moves and 6 massage techniques will keep feet happy.

Do You Really NEED to Run to Get in Shape?

6 alternatives if you hate running.

3 Must-Do Yoga Poses for Every Runner

Over the last decade, yoga has emerged on the fitness scene as the ultimate cross-training activity.

4 Moves to Prevent Ankle Injury

Your ankles will thank you for better mobility.

Ready to Run: Movement Preparation

For well more than two decades, we have been competing either at a world-class level or coaching high-level athletes and teams in nearly every sporting event you can imagine.

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