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How to Talk Like a Baller

Brush up on your basketball slang to sound like a pro on and off the court. With the Nike Basketball 3ON3 Tournament presented by 24...

Four FAQs about Becoming a Zumba Instructor

Thinking about becoming a Zumba instructor? Here are a few tips from current teachers. Ever think about taking Zumba to the next level? Whether you’re...

There’s More to Instagram Travel Than #BearSelfies

Instagram is a world-class trip-planning tool—if you use it right.

Well Suited

A fun swimsuit is a summer wardrobe staple, so find an on-trend one that flatters your figure.

Glow Getter

A perfect sunless tan is only a few simple steps away and we promise it’ll look natural.

Step Saver

Why just track steps, when you can map an adventure?

24 Ways to Be a More Creative (Happier) Person

24 easy ways to find freedom of expression in your life, your way.

Meet Radio DJ Geena Aguilar

Get to know the voices from your favorite radio stations, including their go-to workouts and where they find inspiration. The first in her family to...

Three Thought Leaders on Being Dads

Three thought leaders on how being a supportive and nurturing dad impacts your kids. As children, we look up to our dads—they are our heroes, our...

Meet Radio DJ Dave Styles

Get to know the voices from your favorite radio stations, including their go-to workouts and how they de-stress. Dave Styles is an on-air DJ for...

Meet Radio DJ Sandy Stec

Get to know the voices from your favorite radio stations, including what's at the top of their playlist. You may be surprised where 24 Hour...

Tips for Surviving the Long Weekend

How to enjoy the three-day weekend without shocking your system. We love long weekends. An extra day off of work? Yes, please. But despite the...

How Healthy Eating is Draining Our Planet

Eating healthfully is great for our bodies, but it affects our planet’s water supply. So, what is being done to help? When it comes to...

The Soundtrack for Pushing Your Limits

Push your body beyond its normal boundaries with a little help from this intense playlist.   The range of experiences you can have in life is...

Women’s Health Week

What women can do to stay physically, mentally and emotionally healthy at any age.   Mother’s Day kicks off the week of the woman, and we...

Celebrating Mom

Three lifestyle experts celebrate the moms in their lives. Have you bought flowers for the most special woman in your life yet? You know,...

Warning Label

Don’t take your chances on workout apparel with these signs of wear and tear.

Nail It!

Get your nails looking happy and healthy just in time for sandal season.

Who’s Tracking Whom?

There’s a chance some of your health data could be shared more widely than you thought.

Everyone Should Travel Solo—This Is Why

Plus, learn 10 ways to manage the risk and reward of independent adventures.

How to Take the Best Post-Workout Selfie

Show your glow! You just spent the last hour shaking, twirling, dropping low, and dancing your way through an amazing Zumba class. You’re dripping sweat...

Move for Your Health—and the Planet’s

Katy Bowman shows how movement with purpose benefits more than our bodies. “Movement ecologist” is what Katy Bowman calls herself. The author of eight books...

Use the Stress Response to Go Farther

The “flight” response can power your resilience—and your run.

These 4 Tips Will Help You Balance Work and Life

Here are our top tips for making work/life balance a reality. Figuring out how to keep boundaries between work and home life is no easy...

The Soundtrack of Strategy

The human brain is perpetually switching between two modes.

Strategic Tracking

Watch what matters with your tracking devices.

Sneak Attack

The right pair of sneakers is the foundation of your workout.

Save Your Strands

For those suffering from thinning hair, it might seem like thick locks are in the past, but several solutions can help.
america's marathons

Check out America’s Fastest and Most Challenging Marathons

Add these 26.2-milers to your list. No one runner is like another, which is why there are hundreds of races tailored to the needs,...

Your Brain, on Desire

We love the chase more than the object, and that’s good for us.

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