Cynthia Pasquella-Garcia

Cynthia Pasquella-Garcia
Cynthia Pasquella is a celebrity nutritionist, spiritual leader, media personality, best-selling author and the founder and director of the Institute of Transformational Nutrition. Pasquella is famous for inspiring millions of women to discover what they’re really hungry for so they can finally make peace with food and themselves. She is the creator and host of “What You’re Really Hungry For,” a web series that goes beyond food and examines why you know what to do to get healthy but still won’t do it, as well as the true secrets behind having the body, health, and life you’ve always wanted. Cynthia is a nutrition expert for “The Doctors,” “The Dr. Phil Show,” and “The Today Show” and has been featured in popular media outlets such as “Access Hollywood,” “E! News Live,” Harper’s Bazaar, Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine and Marie Claire.

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